The Right Time To Quitting Smoking Is Now

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If you have the will power and the determination, you can quit smoking at anytime in your life. There is no day in the calender which is not good for quitting smoking. But, the conditions you may be in definitely help or counter your attempts to quit smoking.

?If you happen to be stuck with your schedule all the time and you don't have any specific period of holidays, you can't really wait for right time to come. In that case you can randomly decide any date and remain devoted to the task. On the other hand, some people may find it hard to curb the cravings while sitting ideal. In that case, undertake the quit smoking regime when you are overloaded with work.

But, if you wanna fix a date and day for yourself then there are n-number of occasions that you can consider. They could be certain special days of your life, like your birthday or birthday of someone who matters the most in your life, anniversaries and alike. A new year's eve is also a perfect occasion to make new resolutions and promises to yourself.

The word of caution lies in the fact that it is a bit difficult to quit at a time when you are distressed. So, try and avoid that. Otherwise, if you have a strong determination, the key lies in 'now or never'!