Quitting Smoking- A Personal Analysis

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One thing that helps you in quitting smoking is a complete personal analysis. Take a paper and make two columns in it. In one column put heading, the cause for quitting. In another column, write down the cause for taking up smoking.

?Firstly, write down the causes for taking up smoking. It may be some kind of pressure, or family trouble or financial trouble or any other reason. Now, find out whether these troubles still exist or not. If they do not, then there is no need to smoke.

Now, write down the causes for quitting smoking. It may due to the scare of deadly disease you may get, or your fear of passing them to your family members. Thus, health is one of the causes for quitting smoking.

However, it is quite possible that health reasons will not convince you in quitting smoking. They all have the possibilities. It is not sure that these things can happen. Lung cancer might happen or you may die early.

There are certain genuine causes that you are experiencing while smoking.

Write down those causes in the second column. For instance, you experience breathlessness while coming upstairs. Your feet are cold due to high blood pressure. You are always suffering from cough and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Apart from health reasons, there are certain other reasons also. Such as, premature aging and drying of skin are due to smoking. Your fingernails, teeth are of yellow color and gives bad impression. When you smoke at public places, people make faces at you. You are spending a lot on cigarettes along with the mouth fresheners. You can save a huge amount by quitting smoking. You can use that amount for a good purpose. You can go for a holiday.

Think about your family. They would feel more secure, after your quitting smoking. Your house would be clean, no dirtier walls, or stinking cars. Several genuine reasons are there for quitting smoking.

Thus, you can divert your mind easily by thinking these genuine effects of smoking. However, your hands are still free. Try to make your hands busy by indulging it in some activities, for Instance knitting, cooking etc.

So, do not waste time and go ahead.