Why Diabetics Should Say No to Smoking- 9 Reasons

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Are you an incessant smoker, and at the same time suffer from diabetes? Well, you are prone to dire consequences. Smoking and diabetes cannot go along well. In fact smoking is bad for any type of ailment that you suffer from. Apart from cancer, especially in case of diabetic patients, tobacco can lead to many health hazards. Let?s know about these health consequences below.

Damage to Kidneys
With a couple of recent studies, it has been brought out that smoking has a direct bearing on the functioning of the kidneys, especially for the people who are diabetics. Damage to the kidneys is done due to increase in the blood pressure of a person who is a chain smoker. It has also been brought out that as compared to females; males are more susceptible to the problem.

Increase in cholesterol levels
Smoking increases the cholesterol levels and also the level of triglycerides in the body. On the other hand, it decreases the amount of ?good cholesterol? HDL in the body. As a result the blood vessels are damaged and the risk of heart-related problems manifolds.

Damage to the Nervous System
Incessant smoking is known to damage the peripheral nervous system, which includes the arms and legs. Moreover, if a person is already suffering from even a slight peripheral problem, the damage can we worsened over the time with smoking.

Increase in blood pressure
With cigarette smoking, your blood pressure also tends to increase.

Increase in blood sugar
Smoking increases the blood glucose level in the body, making it even more difficult for body to control the symptoms of diabetes.

Painful joints
Diabetes affects the flexibility of your joints and your movement becomes restricted. And smoking would only enhance these symptoms.

Diabetic Retinopathy
In acute diabetes, the blood vessels in the eyes get blocked. This condition is known as diabetic retinopathy. Smoking acts as a catalyst to the process, and can also lead to total blindness.

Erectile Dysfunction
Men who smoke may face erection problems as the blood supply to the penis decreases with the effect of nicotine in the body. Moreover, nerve damage can also considerably reduce sensation around the area.

Gum disease
Smoking increases the risk of encountering gum diseases, as nicotine in smoke makes the teeth enamel disappear and also make the roots of the teeth weak.

Thus there is no reason why a diabetic should recourse to cigarette smoking.