Five Reasons Why People Should Quit Smoking

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I hope that this article is an inspiration to people who want to quit smoking. I used to be a smoker. I started by smoking socially whenever I was having a pint of beer. It was a very relaxing routine; a cigarette in one hand a pint of lager besides me. I actually began to look up to it.

All smokers start smoking for social reasons. They start of just for the glamour attached to a cigarette. The lucky few manage to give it up and quit in time. Others like me just hang on and become smokers in the real sense of the word.

From smoking when I was having a beer at the end of the day, I graduated and started to buy packs of cigarettes and took them to work with me. I thought it would give me the same pleasure. I was addicted to cigarettes and began to smoke often and without reason.

I started to smell of cigarette smoke all of the time. My co-workers complained about my habit. I began to feel like a social outcast. I had to give up. I managed to and I hope that you after reading this article will also be able to quit smoking.

There are five reasons to quit smoking.

1. The first thing I realized that I was not doing myself a favor my smoking. My health was suffering and I knew about the fact that cigarettes can cause dangerous diseases such as cancer and emphysema.

2. Smoking was not considered sophisticated by women. Women were often turned off by the fact that I was a smoker.

3. My clothes began to smell of cigarette smoke and people around me began to avoid me socially.

4. Smoking costs money and is an expensive habit.

5. People treat a smoker as if he or she was some sort of a freak or a loser. I did not wish to be treated that way.

Although it is not easy to quit, the end results are certainly worth the effort.