Quit Smoking: Cigarette Even Affects the Way You Look

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Some people believe holding a cigarette gives them a manly appeal. Smoking definitely adds to your personality, but in only some cases. It adds to your attitude but you must always remember that it also has a dangerous impact on your future life, mind you! Smoking can spoil your good looks in the long run.

The intake of tobacco, in the form of smoke, reduces blood flow to the skin. This reduces the proper intake of oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin. With smoking, vitamin A content in the body becomes less. Smoking is the main cause of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. The skin that gets exposed to smoking becomes pale and grey. Smoking produces enzyme that breaks down collagen which is the main structural protein of the skin. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

When the smokers suck the cigarettes on a frequent basis, they develop hollow cheeks. Smoking is also the main cause of yellow teeth. It also causes halitosis or bad breath. Smokers also develop psoriasis. It is a chronic skin condition as per the medical science. This condition is not life threatening, but can still be rather uncomfortable.

As per a study on 12000 women with post menopause, in the age group between 40 and 73, the hip/waste ratio increases with the cigarette intake per day. Smoking also affects the endocrine glands. When these glands are affected, the normal amount of fat in the body is distributed in abnormal proportions. Smoking has a great impact on the color of lips as well. It gives rosy lips a burnt brownish tinge. Besides, the smoke of tobacco in the environment makes the skin dry.

Smoking spoils all your efforts to look good. If you are a smoker then using stuffs like shampoos, costly soaps, and creams is not going to be of help. So, quit smoking before you resort to any of these methods. It could be tough quitting smoking, but you will have victory if you are determined and focused enough for the same.