Quit Smoking Products: Nicotine Patches

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Nicotine replacement products and other medications help to kick the habit of smoking. It is not that by using nicotine replacement products you will be spared of the cravings, these products are only meant to provide you the means, while the ends are to be achieved only by you. They will aid you in achieving your goal of quitting smoking. They help you feel better and make you easily cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

These products double your chances of quitting. They make you adjust with life without cigarettes, easily. One of such products is nicotine patch. It will help you in a steady release of nicotine from your body. It is a small self adhesive patch. Through the outer layer of your skin it will slowly release nicotine into your bloodstream. It can be applied anywhere between the waist and the neck. But the most preferred place is the upper arm or the shoulder. These patches must be replaced in every 24 hours.

However the nicotine patches have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are as follows:
1) It is easy to use and provides a steady stream of nicotine release.
2) It can be availed in various doses without a prescription.
3) As you can avail it at any time, you can decrease the amount of nicotine gradually.

There are also some disadvantages of the nicotine patches:
1) You can not quickly adjust the amount of nicotine in the patch in response to cravings.
2) The nicotine patch may cause itching and irritation.
3) You might experience headache, upset stomach, blurred vision and dizziness.
4) It may sometimes cause sleep disturbance as well.

Certain precautions have to be taken if you have certain skin types such as eczema and psoriasis. You should not use it more than the prescribed norms; it may result into dizziness and nausea. You should use it continuously for the prescribed period to get the best results.