Smoking: A Nurturer Or A Destroyer

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Smokers are generally very eager as well as anxious to quit smoking. Smoking has leaded them at the threshold of many diseases like heart attacks, cancers, emphysema. Most of the smokers know that smoking is rotting their body from inside and slowly have started deteroiting their physical charm. Still smoking is their buddy and still an existing problem. We need to search for the reason of its existence.

Many smokers associate several activities with their smoking. The lure of continuing those activities persuades them to endure smoking as well. These activities include their daily routine. For them, being a non smoker means that life has lost its importance. Smokers also think that he has to come across painful symptoms while working for quitting smoking. These reasons keep a smoker away from taking up of good habits. They can die for smoking but are afraid to quit it.

If every one of us starts following thinking of the above sited smokers, then life will certainly lose its significance without smoking. Bit the fact is that they all are living under misconceptions. They will live a better life after quitting smoking than living with smoking. Pleasure that a smoker gets after the puffs is a deceptive pleasure and just the effect of nicotine that blocks our thinking power. Convincing smokers about this sometimes become next to impossible. These pleasures work as a stopper for smokers.

When smokers get out of their bed they feel slight headache, depressed that arouses a need for a cigarette in them and they go for it. When he feels depressed then also he feels for a cigarette or two to relax his nerves. Therefore he begins to expand his friendship with this deadly drug. But these are the symptoms that are taking them to their destruction.

If a smoker starts giving some space for the realities then he can quit smoking. He himself will be surprised to see the changes. He will feel taking up the things more efficiently than before. Morning will bring a different freshness for him. Feeling of panic reactions under the stress that were the outcome of the lower level of the nicotine will not be scaring him anymore. And slowly he will see the true face of smoking that once was his best buddy. Any ex smoker can experience his growing strength, increased energy level than before when he was a smoker.

Even his fear of withdrawal symptoms will not last for many days. They would peak within three days and will completely lose their existence in all more two weeks. He will experience a simpler, happier, cleaner and above all a healthy life ahead of him.