Smoking: A Threat To Men's Virility

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A study carried out in the US has confirmed that smoking can reduce a man's virility and thus hamper the chain of reproduction. Researchers have studied the sperm of 18 men who have smoked at least four cigarettes a day for more than two years. They compared the sperm function of the smokers with that of non smokers by using a test called Hemizona Assay. They found that sperms from almost two-third of the smokers failed the test not in terms of infertility but in terms of reduced sperm function.

The men who failed the test had lost their sterilizing capacity. A natural chemical in the body & dash acetylcholine had been changed due to tobacco use. Many of the smokers have only 25 percent of the binding capacity of control.
The study also found that the more a smoker smokes, the more the binding capacity is compromised. If a guy is seriously thinking about having children, he should immediately quit smoking. Even after that it takes at least three months to notice a positive change in the binding capacity.

Smokers should seriously think about quitting smoking to bring their part of reproduction functions close to normal. For a man who is smoker as well as impotent, should quit smoking immediately as he is only furthering the problem by smoking.

Smoking also increases the risk of erectile dysfunction and it remains a prominent factor even after considering the other factors such as blood pressure, diabetes, age, cholesterol levels and body mass index. Men who smoke more than a packet of cigarettes have about 60 % higher chance of suffering from erectile dysfunction. This ultimately affects their sex life and virility.

If you are also one of the lot, you better leave the company as it is doing more than harm to you.