Sticking To Your Resolution Is The Most Difficult Part!

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Suppose, your friends are smoking and inviting you to smoke then it would be better to leave the place. After leaving that place, remember these things.

a) The cause of your quitting-
Simply start thinking about the various reasons that lead you to quitting smoking. It would be more beneficial, if you carry a paper and list all the causes. Now, if you feel a craving for smoking then read the list of causes. After reading them, you will overcome over the temptation.

b) Always be ready-
After quitting smoking, still you can meet temptation any time. It could be your friends or any particular place. So, you must be ready for such instances. In a blank paper, make two columns in it. On the first column, write the possible chances that can lead you to smoke, such as watching TV or drinking tea. On the second column, write the action that you will perform to divert the craving of smoking. For Instance, you can read a newspaper if you feel the craving for smoking. Try this formula and see it really works.

c) Water-
If you are feeling a strong urge to smoke then chew something. Chewing will definitely consumes a lot of your time. After chewing, start drinking a glass of water with the help of straw. While doing this you will forget the desire to smoke. It would be beneficial if you drink 8 glasses of water.

d) Praise yourself-
Whenever you pass a non-smoking week, do not forget to praise yourself. Always decide something in advance to gift yourself, after a non-smoking week. Write name of the gift on the paper, along with the non-smoking period. This will increase your spirit.

e) Divert your mind-
You can divert yourself by doing any other task. Make a cup of tea or read a newspaper.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Make a call to your close friend or anyone who can talk to you for a while. You will forget the craving for smoking while talking.

f) The punch-
Get a picture of smoker?s lungs and always keep it with you. See the picture, when you feel the craving for smoking.