The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking ? The Long and Short Story.

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Are you Feeling depressive, anxious, irritable or short tempered. If you have just quit smoking recently then please don?t worry. These are? normal withdrawal symptoms associated with Nicotine. These are short term effects of smoking.

You will be all right with in a couple of days or at the most a week. By the way what are the long term side effects of giving up Nicotine?? Very few!

1. Better health and a longer life

We don?t have nine lives. Even if we had a life or two to spare it wouldn?t be worth blowing it away smoking. Let us live the life that we have to the fullest. Undoubtedly, Nicotine provides us with a bit of a transient pleasure. Giving it up will provide us with more profound pleasure.

2. Sweeter smelling breath.
??? No more cigarette smoker breath. A nice smelling breath makes a lot of difference when you are close to children, babies or the opposite gender as for that matter.

3. Feeling fitter and more energetic.
??? Smoking saps away your vitality. Don?t be a sap. Quit the habit today.

4. Saving a lot of money.
??? Have you ever calculated how much you are likely to save in terms of the money that you have spent on cigarettes? Imagine if you could have invested all that money somewhere and it would have been earning for you. Well the past is past and there is very little anyone can do about it. Imagine all the money you would be able to save in terms of doctor?s bills if you do kick the habit. That is a notional profit.

5. Better physical appearance.
??? Smoking makes us feel better about ourselves. If we feel better, we look better also.

We should not be bothered about the short term side effects. These can be managed with the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) based medical aids. Now that you know the long term effects you will agree that it is worth making a determined attempt to give up smoking.