Tips To Sustain Yourself Once You Quit Smoking

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Even if you get successful in quitting smoking for the time being, you may find the cravings so powerful that you may ultimately resort back to smoking, after some time. This is a problem faced by many like you and they do not know how to avoid this relapse.

Given below are some tips to help you sustain once you have quit smoking:

-Quitting is long and hard
Quitting is a long process. As your body is coping with the withdrawal symptoms, you need to be patient. So, just relax.

-Be positive
You have to be positive. You should not get bogged down by negative thoughts. You should not think much about your past failed attempts. Take the positive out of those attempts and then plan accordingly.

-Distract yourself
When you have the urge to smoke, engage yourself in some physical activity or some hobby that you enjoy doing.

-Pamper yourself
When you quit, do not neglect yourself as this is the time when you need to pamper yourself. Make sure that all your needs are met with and that you are comfortable.

-Walk everyday
If you walk briskly for 30 minutes everyday, it will help you stay healthy and fight the cravings.

-Eat healthy
You should also improve your eating habits as it will help you feel better. But do not do this suddenly, as changing your eating habits too much, too quickly will stress you out. You have to resort to healthy eating.

-Drink lots of fluids
You should drink more water and fluids. Drinking as much water as you can, will keep you hydrated, help you detox more quickly, and work as a craving buster.

-Do not think about the future
You should not worry about the future too much. To think that you are never going to have a puff in your whole life is overwhelming. So, do not think about such things and stay focused on your goals.

But the most important thing about sustaining is that you should have tremendous will power and determination. Following the above tips will surely help you, but remember, it is your and only your determination which will help you pass through these difficult times.