Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

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Everybody tells you to quit smoking. I tell you to understand smoking. If you understand it, you will definitely have no hesitation in quitting it at the earliest. You are entertaining a demon between your lips. You think that you burn him. Yes, externally you burn him. Before that, he burns you internally.

There are many reasons, but let me explain to you about the 5 strong reasons, why you should quit smoking.

You know, cigarette contains nicotine, but you do not know what nicotine contains for you! It has the ultimate attraction for you and therefore it will cause the ultimate damage that it can do for your body and mind! It is tough to quit smoking. But it is worth the try. Your life is at stake! I think, you have just one life to live!

Reason number one, I wish you to live longer and this is possible if you quit smoking. By this gracious act, your standard of living and standard of life will improve.

Why are you extending the invitation with your outstretched hands to lung cancer, heart attack and stroke? Don't you love your life?

Agreed for a while, without the actual agreement, that smoking is your birthright. But is the birthright of your wife and children, is to be victims of passive smoking?

The smoke coils that you artistically dispatch within the four walls of your house, are dangerous to their health. Passive smokers suffer more than the active smokers.

You say you have enough financial problems, but can't you at least delete one of them? Why do you squander money to get your health damaged? Have you any time made sincere study regarding the effects of smoking? The diseases will burn your body within. Why do you invite such type of sad end? Spend the money saved out of quitting smoking for some right causes. Your own fruits and juices for example!

And now, a special warning for pregnant women. You wish to have a healthy baby. It is perhaps possible only if you quit smoking. A baby in the arms of the smoking mother! This is definitely one unwelcome sight!

So, do not postpone smoking cessation. Do not extend open invitation to lung cancer.

Your escape from the heart disease is also ruled out if you persist with your smoking habit. The first action of the cigarette smoke is to decrease the supply to the heart. Heart rate will increase and so also the blood pressure. The chances of blood clotting are more. The arteries harden and damage to the skin is also a distinct possibility.

Do you still wish to smoke? If yes, shall I pity you or condemn you?