Why Do People Turn Back To Smoking After A Short While?

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Tobacco is one of the major causes of a large number of deaths all over the world. Despite of knowing this fact you have not been able to quit smoking. It's not that you haven't tried, but it's just the urge to smoke which makes the task difficult for you every time. There are many people who have tried to quit smoking but have resorted back to it after some time. The question is, why do people experience a relapse, once they have quit smoking?

When you quit smoking, you actually try to avoid something that you have been associated with for so long. You suffer from withdrawal symptoms as your body tries to get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals. Smoking cessation may cause short term after-effects in persons who have smoked for very long periods. Quitting smoking might make you feel angry, irritable, more tired, sleepless and hungry. And these are the probable reasons which push you towards smoking all over again.

It's the nicotine addiction which forces you to blow that smoke again. But, it is not the sole reason. You may not have realized it but there are some other reasons as well. They are triggers which are the events or situations which set off your desire to smoke.

Some of these triggers are as follows:

1) One such trigger is the regular time at which you used to smoke earlier, like after your meals. The urge to smoke is much more at such a time.

2) Another trigger is your habit of smoking, like while you are driving or watching television.

3) You may have the habit of lighting up when you are drinking coffee or tea. This may cause the urge to smoke when you drink coffee or tea even after quitting.

4)?Some people have the habit of smoking when they are drinking alcohol. Alcohol weakens you and increases the chances of relapse.

5) Being in the company of friends who smoke or seeing someone smoking, may derail your vow to remain smoke free.

6) You may have the habit of smoking when you are talking on the phone. So you may unconsciously light up a cigarette while talking even after undertaking your smoking cessation plan.

7) You may light up a cigarette when you get angry or stressed with the view that it would satiate your stressful condition. This is just your misconception. Cigarettes do not lessen your stress, they only add to it.

Any of the above situations may give you a reason to smoke again. But you need to control yourself. Remember, without being able to wrest control over the triggers you can not expect yourself to be able to succeed in your smoking cessation plan. It is your determination and will power which will see you through difficult times and make your smoking cessation a lifelong achievement.