Quitting Smoking- Why It Is Bliss For The Human Body!

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a) What happens after 20 minutes giving up smoking?-
Smoking always results in high blood pressure which is harmful for heart as it increases the danger of heart attack. But the minute we give up this habit, the risk minimizes and blood pressure rate becomes normal.

b) The next is after 10 hours-
The level of carbon monoxide becomes half after 10 hours of giving smoking. It is one of the major pollutants that produce ill effects on cognitive skills and health and oxygen is one of the most vital substances which are necessary for survival. High level of carbon monoxide decreases intake of blood from lungs which can give birth to serious problems.

We increase our energy levels by smoothing the passage of oxygen as we curtail the level of carbon monoxide by quitting smoking.

c) What happens after 24 hours of quitting smoking-

Not smoking for 24 hours is a marvelous starting for the chain smokers that provides them strong bearing power, less level of fatigue after exercise and quick recovery.

Moving to 48 hours from one whole day gives new experience to person as nicotine is removed from their body which earlier has resulted in bad side effects by causing vomiting, stomachache and it also enhances the possibility of hypothermia.

d) What happens after 2-22 weeks?-
Person gets rid of bad circulation and also of numerous other problems like slow skin healing, cold feet, Raynaud's disease and peripheral vascular disease (PVT).

e) What happens after 1 year?-
According to the studies conducted in U.K, smoking results in around 20,000 deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. Quitting smoking for 1 year reduces the risk of heart attack to half.

f) What happens after 10 years?-
After minimizing the danger of heart attack our good habit of quitting smoking results in reducing the danger of lung cancer to half. In 1999, most of cancer death was due to lung cancer which was in return an outcome of the smoking.

g) What happens after 15 years?-
After this much of the time period person who once was chain smoker leads a healthy life as a normal man who has never smoked. At last the good habit has repaid back.