Why Should You Stop Smoking

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Smoking is an addictive habit that harms both your physical and mental health. It contains nicotine, a drug that gives you a temporary high, but it also brings long-term untoward health consequences. Not only do you become a prime suspect for lung cancer, the nicotine brings on a craving in your body that you will find hard to resist.

What starts as a new fad or a so-called modern stress buster quickly becomes a non-giveupable habit. Not only you burn smoke, you also burn hard-earned money. Not only does it burn a hole in your lungs, it also burns the money in your pocket, which you otherwise would have easily saved.

One of the important reasons for you to stop smoking is that not only it harms your own health, it also harms the health of all those people who share the same environment with you in smoking mode. When you cough your lungs out of nicotine smoke, you vitiate the atmosphere. It becomes polluted with harmful nicotine particles.

Remember, some of the people in your surroundings are your own near and dear ones, whose good health is supposed to be one of your top priorities in life. So, will you agree to put their health and life in consequence at stake? What legacy are you bequeathing to them? They will definitely take to it later like you and similarly endanger their own health as well as that of others who inhale the air that they exhale.

You as a woman have the honor of creating a new generation of young ones out of your womb that are considered to be the future of mankind endowed with high hopes. Remember, what you inhale is also what is inhaled by your fetus, when you are pregnant. So, the cigarette smoke that is harmful for your lungs, can it be any less for the baby developing in your womb? In fact nicotine will give rise to a host of development issues in your baby that will make your life a continuous hell all your subsequent life.

If you want to take the lead to ensure that smoking should not only harm people and endanger the environment, you need to set an example by stopping smoking. With the realization in the institutions of the world about the need to save the environment to its pristine glory, it becomes doubly important for women to take the right steps in this direction.

I am sure you do not want your life and that of your near and dear ones go up in smoke. Women especially have more responsibility on their shoulders to quit smoking, as without them a progeny is not possible.