Why To Stop Smoking

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To your question why to stop smoking, I have got several answers for you. But for my question why to continue with smoking, you may not have any answer at all. If at all you have one, it could be your obstinacy or helplessness. If it is helplessness, I am willing to help you. If it is obstinacy, it is high time that you mend your ways and give it up for your own good and good of all those concerned with you intimately.

By now, you are well versed about the damages smoking can cause to you. You experience the warning signals as regards your health. Your doctor has warned you about the weakening lungs, the stress and the high blood pressure, and it has advised you to cut down smoking drastically. It is high time that you crush your cravings, before the total collapse.

I know one case, where the individual gave up smoking abruptly and once for all, after visiting the cancer ward of a hospital. He had gone there to visit one of his ailing friends, but the condition of many patients who were the nicotine addicts in one form or the other, simply sent shivers in him. Their suffering was great and their pain was great. In some cases, parts of their body were amputated. The expenses for treatment were heavy.

Out of sheer fright and probably due to combination of other circumstances, he left smoking from that day for ever. I must admire the determination of that man. There are many, who, even if they were to be shown their own ghosts, would not give up smoking!

The same old story-either helplessness or obstinacy!

My another question to you is why you should stop smoking. This is a blunt question. Whether you want to live and whether you want to go up in smoke? You need to live for the sake of yourself and for the sake of your near and dear ones. You have a collective responsibility to live.

Various governments try their best to dissuade people from smoking, through the advertisement campaigns and other relevant methods. On the other hand, the governments issue more and more licenses for more and more tobacco products.

The governments may have political or economic compulsions, but remember none can stop you from not smoking. It is your free will. When millions like you stop smoking, the tobacco factories will declare lock out automatically.

Apart from the major reasons as to why you should stop smoking, you have experienced many minor reasons. It makes the clothes smell, your teeth will be yellow and in many cases dotted with cavities and your wife is in total disagreement with you on account of your smoking habit.

She is disagreeing with you for a great cause. If you wish for a cease-fire with her, cease smoking! Nothing else will convince her!