You?re Not Too Old To Kick the Habit!

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1) If you think it's too late to make a difference, think again. You can always improve your health, and one of the best ways to do that is to stop smoking. Even if you have been smoking for 50 or more years, the effect of quitting can be noted right away. Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your body will demonstrate a marked improvement. Your blood pressure and pulse will decrease closer to their normal range. Eight hours after your last cigarette, the nicotine and carbon monoxide in your bloodstream will be cut in half!

?2) You will breathe better if you quit smoking. Is anyone ever too old to breathe better? If you enjoy laughing and singing (and who doesn't?), you can bet that you will once again be able to give a big belly laugh and sing at the top of your lungs once your lungs have been cleared of the mucous and debris left behind by years of smoking. If you are prone to coughs, wheezing, and snoring, stopping smoking will help alleviate these conditions significantly.

3) You will have more energy. Smoking robs your body of breath and life, leaving you feeling sluggish and tired. If you quit smoking, you will have the strength to do the physical activities you want to do, without the strain imposed by smoking.

4) Your risk of getting a heart attack is drastically reduced. Nicotine steals the oxygen from your bloodstream, forcing your heart to work harder. As you age, your risk of getting a heart attack increases. If you don't want to become part of the statistics, you should seriously consider kicking your smoking habit.

5) You are better prepared to quit. If you have been a lifelong smoker, you probably already have experience with trying to quit. Rather than seeing past experiences as a failure, consider past attempts a learning experience. Why do you think you weren't able to stop smoking? Make a list of the things that hindered your attempt to stop smoking, and the things you think were most helpful. Make a list of the things you would do if you were trying to quit smoking again.

6) Your health insurance premiums may go down if you quit smoking. With health care at an all time high, being a smoker can get quite expensive if you're shopping for a good insurance policy. Imagine the money you will save, and the better coverage you will receive, if you quit smoking.

7) Make a list of how your life would improve if you quit smoking. One of the best ways to get truly motivated is to become conscious of the ways smoking affects all aspects of your life. Make a Pro's and Con's list. What do you get out of smoking, if anything? What are the things that most bother you about being a smoker? Everybody knows that smoking is harmful on your health and on your wallet.

8) You will feel a sense of pride in quitting. What could be more meritorious than a person who has smoked for most of their life, then quits? Everyone loves hearing about such success stories. Knowing you quit after so many years will provide you with a great source of pride and strength. You may even inspire other lifelong smokers!