Acupuncture and Quitting Smoking

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Acupuncture's role in helping people quit smoking has been an issue of debate in recent times. Many claimed that they werebenefitted  byacupuncture therapy while an equal number considered it a waste of time and money. So far, even the medical fraternity has been unable to come to a clear conclusion  about acupuncture's healing capabilities.

There is theory endorsed by the medical fraternity that suggests that acupuncture increases the release of endorphins and encephalins in our body. These natural pain killers then boost the immune system of the body and cause the nervous system to calm down. But the contention is over the extent to which the endorphins and encephalins are effective n doing so.

Some pratitioners claim that it can treat all psycho-physiological problems. Others admit to the efficacy in reducing physical pain and other symptoms but also point out inexplicably varied results in psychological cases.

There are many people who anxiously seek counsel  to quit smoking. Their cases reveal a final desperate attempt at quitting as all others methods seem to have failed. In such cases the biggest obstacle the smokers face is themselves. It is the smoker?s ir own psyche which does not want to end its dependence on Nicotine as a stimulant and relaxant.

There was a study that followed the efforts of smokers who took counseling and followed it up with some form of treatment or the other and those who took measures to quit smoking minus the counseling. The results were quite curious. The study showed that percentage of success at quitting was more in the case of individuals who sought counseling and followed it up with treatment then those who straight-away went ahead with their treatments.

A similar trend was noticed when cases of smokers who had undergone acupuncture treatment were studied. Those who benefited from it had full faith in the treatment while those who did not benefit were  were highly sceptical about it.

One is not sure what conclusion to derive from in such a situation. There are no scientific reasons that can explain why acupuncture worked in some cases while coming out a cropper in others. Some would imply from the aforementioned data that those who succeeded, did so because they fully believed in their own ability to quit smoking. And by default , those who failed , didn't believe in themselves in the first place.

 It is reasonable to conclude that smokers need to demolish the psychological barrier of desire that forms the root cause of addiction to Nicotine. Once the desire is controlled, the mood-enhancing endorphins and encephalins released during acupuncture treatment will automatically have the desired result.