Government Campaigning For Anti Smoking

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An anti smoking government campaign is meant for the interest of the smokers only, without any sort of personal interest. These kind of campaigns should expose all the possible reasons behind quitting smoking and also the appropriate smoking aids for the existing smokers. The campaign should expose the related diseases of smoking. In fact cancer was one of the first diseases to be linked with smoking. Each year, more than half a million people die due to cancer, that is, one out of every four deaths is caused by smoking. Also, lung cancer is the prime cause of death among both male and female smokers. To get more information on related topic just read Smoking And Cancer

According to a study, tobacco smoke causes 87 % of the lung cancer deaths and is responsible for cancers of the larynx, oral cavity and esophagus. Also, exposure to secondhand smoke or passive smoke or environmental tobacco smoke significantly increases a nonsmoker's proximity to develop cancer, especially lung cancer.

Most of the common reasons given by people for smoking are social gatherings, stress, parties and alcohol. But, these are merely the misconceptions and wrong suppositions that they work upon. Instead, it generates more complications afterwards. The emphasis in a smoking cessation campaign should lie on visualizing the harmful effects of smoking and fruitful effects after quitting smoking. Advising suitable smoking cessation programs, smoking products and quit smoking help should be included in the anti smoking government campaign to help people stop smoking.