Medicare Stop Smoking Program

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There are many stop smoking programs available on the internet which provide information about methods to eradicate the smoking habit of all the smokers. Similarly, the center for Medical and Medicare services has come up with a new program called medicare stop smoking program. This program has been developed keeping in mind the number of smokers all over the world as smoking is the single most preventable cause of various diseases and deaths in The United States, posing a significant risk to the older Americans. The ultimate aim of this program is to help the seniors to quit smoking. This program tests health promotion options for smoking cessation for determining the most effective and feasible option for seniors.

This program involves many strategies including counseling, either face to face or over the phone, nicotine patches, a prescription cessation strategies with seniors, and educational materials. Smoking cessation is beneficial to any age as even after years of heavy smoking, people who quit smoking notice vast improvement in breathing and circulation thus decreasing the risk of stroke.

The medicare stop smoking program would help the policy makers identify the best way to cover smoking cessation services under medicare using the following interventions:

1) Medicare reimbursement for provider counseling alone
2) Medicare reimbursement for provider counseling along with the coverage for smoking cessation drugs bupropion, and the nicotine patches.
3) Counseling through telephone plus coverage for the nicotine patch or selected enrollees.
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The reason behind this program is the fact that tobacco use causes more than 430000 deaths and costs The United States somewhere between $50 to $73 billion in medical expenses every year. One future fact is that medicare expenditures for treating smoking related illness have been estimated to be about $800 billion between 1995 and 2015. But the truth is that this huge amount would make seniors quit their smoking habit to lead a healthy and prosperous life.