Quit Smoking Ireland! an Role Model for Others!

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The government of Ireland has proved itself to be yet another responsible government with its initiative to put ban on smoking. In Ireland smoking has been prohibited in public areas and even areas which are not so close including bars and clubs.

Any kind of reform cannot be brought without a revolution and resistance. Ireland is one of the many other countries making sincere efforts to make its land a smoke free zone just for the well being of its citizens to observe a healthier and prosperous future.

Many clinics and other spots have been established with qualified professionals who are voluntarily helping those people interested in quitting smoking. Even free assistance is being provided to encourage people for whom quitting smoking is just a dream or rather a very difficult task. All kinds of methods, aids and approaches are being applied to cure the smokers depending upon their level of addiction and need. All this is being done just to observe a healthier generation ahead.

In big organizations, be it public or private, the employers are taking the initiative to help their staff members to quit smoking by making the aids available and approachable. Along with it, sessions are being provided which would help both physically and psychologically. In this way, a mass movement has been initiated which has made successful results leading to thousands of people on the path to quit smoking. The number of smokers has gradually reduced in Ireland within few years which has not only made Ireland a more smoke free and healthier country but also inspired many other countries with a convincing rate of people ready to quit.

We all know that smoking eats our health gradually and probably this has been better and fast understood by people of Ireland whose efforts has brought colors which are visible to all of us and is heading towards being the country having least amount of smoke in its environment.