Quit Smoking Slogans Are of Critical Importance

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Slogans have always been one of the important sources, when any kind of protest comes into question. It is an age old ?tried and tested? method and is famous, be it any country or any kind of situation. Slogans are helpful to make a mass movement and create awareness among people.

Smoking has now become a very big cause to be protested. The number of smokers has increased greatly in the past years, though the number of smokers ready to quit is also on an increase. The credit goes to all those efficient and responsible people, be it smokers or non smokers who have known the hazards of smoking by suffering its various ill effects.

Many quit smoking slogans have been made, for example, ?Tobacco companies kill their best customers?, ?A cigarette in hands is worth nothing?, and many more which are very striking and worth getting noticed by every smoker. Maybe when a smoker passes by any quit smoking slogan, he just mocks at it as he knows it?s true but cannot help himself. But, many times a slogan could hit the smoker to such an extent that he plans to quit it.

The slogans could be made by any common man, and could be sent by him to his relative and friends via mails. Or he could even send the slogans which already exist, which would show his concern and would be a kind gesture on his part. Slogans should be short and rhythmic, and can be published in a way that it gets the best form of circulation. These slogans can be used in posters, hoardings, boards; and can be put at all public places.

Frequently visited websites can also be approached. This will not only create awareness among people, but will also send a message to the coming generations who will know the ill effects of smoking beforehand. The protest, in the form of anti smoking slogan, could be a kind of social service on our part which would cost nothing, but would do wonders.