Quit Smoking! Well done Georgia!

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The world comprises of different people, cultures, languages, ethnicity, habits, standard of living and many more. But one habit being found common among all people irrespective of country or civilization is smoking and various other forms of addictions too.

Smoking is a very common addiction and it is a well established fact that it is injurious to health and that is why various forms of quit smoking aids have been introduced so that a person could stop this addiction or at least minimize it to some level. In this respect, Georgia has attained remarkable success to create awareness among its citizens and the government itself has taken the burden to make the country smoke free. As any other government law, a quit smoking law has been passed by the government of Georgia in 2003 and has been revised on July 1, 2005.

The act has many clauses in it and the main one makes all the public areas smoke free, though smoking has not been prohibited altogether and allowed in areas away from main public places such as parks, clubs, government organizations and others. To device this plan, the marketing has been reformed in such a way that cigarettes will not be easily available anywhere and everywhere. Quit smoking aids are being provided to those who cannot afford them but have the willingness to quit. Voluntary organizations have been formed just to help those who are not being able to help themselves.

A quit smoking bill has been passed in Georgia which is revised from time to time to make the best out of it. In this way, not only the health of the citizens would improve but the environment will also become smoke free and people would feel more fresh air around as non smokers are equally affected with the smoke.

The quit smoking act in Georgia has proved to be very successful and a remarkable attempt which has become an inspiration for other countries. In this manner, it could bring a revolution in the health arenas.