Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy Program

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Every smoker knows the statutory warning printed on each packet of cigarette- ?cigarette smoking is injurious to health?, but still they puff the same cigarette. WHY? The simple answer is, due to addiction which is difficult to eradicate, in fact some studies suggest that quitting smoking is harder than curbing a heroin addiction as cigarettes contain many lethal chemicals like carbon monoxide, DDT, methane, tar, and alike which have a very strong and dangerous hold.

Well, before going for the stop smoking hypnotherapy program, one must be ready and decisive about the quitting decision. There are many such programs available on the net to help you but not all are effective and best. One of the popular stop smoking hypnotherapy program consists of the following:

1) Three individual sessions: In these sessions, a detailed personal smoking history of the smoker would be traced. It would also expose your psychology, fear, difficulty, motive, and expectations regarding smoking. This information would help in designing a hypnotic treatment which is custom tailored to support your new life as a non-smoker. Each session is of a particular time period.

2) CD or cassette tape recording of individualized suggestions: The recording of the hypnosis work done in the sessions would be given to you containing hypnotic suggestions, especially designed for you, based on the information given in personal smoking history. This recording would help you stick with your commitment when you are at home.

3) 7 steps to a smoke free life: is a book by American Lung Association. This book is very beneficial for the smokers regarding quitting their habit as it offers practical suggestions for supporting your new life as a non smoker.

4) The X pack no BS toll for becoming an ex-smoker: Xpack is based on best medical practices in smoking cessation. The kit includes ex- smoker's handbook, Xpack quit cards, success-o-meter, the ick-u-lator, and many other things to support your quitting regime.

5) Guarantee of support: It can certainly guarantee its support to your new life as a non-smoker. Even after completing the program you are open to come and address your problems, if any.

However, not only this one but all stop smoking hypnotherapy programs are very effective in eradicating the smoking habit and providing the person a life full of health and well being and free from stigma, worry and self nagging.