The Perfect Anti Smoking Campaign

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In order to promote the anti smoking propaganda, what would be a campaign on anti smoking which would have enough force and magnitude to inspire all the smokers out there to quit their habit. An anti smoking campaign should generally include some smoking facts like one in every two lifetime smokers, dies due to the habit of smoking, most of these deaths occur in middle age, smoking also contributes to a number of cancers like lung cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer and many more. So facts like these would definitely motivate the smokers to decide on their quitting process. To continue reading about anti smoking facts and information just have a look at Alarming Smoking Facts... Adding To Paper Work?

There is only one reason for smoking which is the addiction. The addiction is more psychological than physical and smokers are actually addicted to those toxic chemical substances like nicotine which are present in it. So, exposing the harmful effects of nicotine and other chemicals should be included in what would be an anti smoking campaign. Advising the employment of suitable smoking cessation programs, anti smoking products and suitable anti smoking aids should be there in a smoking cessation campaign so that the smokers are able to avail the right ways to quit. Stress is one of the various diseases related to the smoking habit which is quite deadly. Showcase the benefits of stopping smoking by highlighting the health, psychological, social and economic benefits. Overall the anti smoking campaign should be backed by a forceful and influential voice.