Want to Quit Smoking? American Cancer Quit Smoking Society is There!

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America is a moderately populated country but it has a very large count on the number of smokers. In America, according to a rough estimate, 45 million smokers are there and out of which 4, 40,000 die every year due to smoking. But the good news and the positive aspect of consideration is that an estimated 32 million people are ready to quit. On these reports you simply make out that only one out of every 20 can quit without help.

In order to curb smoking, the American Cancer Quit Smoking Society has been formed and has achieved quite a lot success at a substantially high rate which is commendable. It advocates for healthy life observing the ill effects done to health by smoking. The American society has many sub organizations under its wings which look after various programs and health problems like cancer, AIDS, American Lung Association and many more. Many books have been published by distinguished authors who have dealt with every aspect of smoking.

The American Cancer Quit Smoking Society executes a 21 day stop smoking program under which all levels of addicts and even those who cannot afford the treatment are invited. All kinds of nicotine replacements are talked about and used on the smokers depending on their requirements. It has attained unbelievable success as many smokers have been successful in quitting and many are under the process. The society has spread a lot of awareness among the people about the need to quit smoking.

?It is such a wide organization and with a great purpose to deal with that its efforts are surely not to go in vain. It has created a revolution in the world of smokers. Apart from dealing with the quit smoking aids, it organizes seminars and sessions to make a psychological impact on the people because we all know that quitting smoking is not an easy task and requires a great deal of will power and dedication. The American Cancer Quit Smoking Society is all there ready to help those who want to help themselves.