Ads And Pictures Must Appeal Anti Smoking

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All smokers smoke by giving an endless list of excuses for smoking such as, some get energy from smoking, some look smart while smoking, some are able to maintain their figure because of smoking. While there are others who smoke because they are lonely and sad. Some smoke to celebrate. However, none of the given excuses is logical. There is no reason worth dying for as smoking can take you towards deadly diseases. So, anti smoking ads and pictures can play a handy role in reminding the smokers of the ill effects of smoking and benefits of quitting. For getting more information on reasons behind smoking just read Ads And Picture Appealing Anti Smoking

Some reasons which are given by the smokers are that they enjoy a sense of gratification by smoking, most of them believe that they feel a very strong bonding with other smokers, nicotine gives a feeling of titillation to the smokers. So, instead of these reasons the truth behind smoking should be exposed in anti smoking ads and pictures. The fact can include that

cigarette smoke leaves an after smell on your clothes, car and home, make you suffer from severe headaches, and occasional migraines, and could become the reason for many other adverse conditions.

These ads and pictures surely urge the smokers to find the ways to quit smoking. Smokers should be acquainted with smoking cessation benefits, also the presence of effective quit smoking programs and anti smoking products should be known to the smokers. These anti smoking ads and pictures also help the children from stopping smoking cigarettes.