How To Stop Smoking For Ever?

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?Have a will to grow, and grow your will!? In the present context, you need to have the will to outgrow. Outgrow the smoking habit. Stop smoking for ever!

Your battle is with nicotine, supported by 4000 other poisonous elements that will not allow you easy victory over the smoking habit! You have to destroy the smoking habit, before it destroys you!

Even though tobacco and smoking has thousands of years of history, smoking was a worldwide phenomenon since the beginning of the 16th century. It's is a great adventure with the younger generation in most of the countries now. In USA, every day 3000 new boys are recruited to the smoking brigade.

Now, without going in to the details, as to what made you a confirmed smoker, let us presently discuss about your intense desire to stop smoking for ever. They say, well begun, is half done. You have made the decision, which has far reaching consequences. For your health and for the health of your family! Do not be under the impression that the external tools will assist you to stop smoking for ever. They can't be relied upon. You have been cheated by them in the past. To tempt and cheat persons like you, is their permanent way of life.

Firmly depend upon your will power. Hate the cigarette, as if it is your sworn enemy.

You have to be very firm with yourself during these important initial few days of your non-smoking era. No doubt, Nicotine is a hard addiction. It is not as strong as you supposed it to be. You supported it and it extended its influence over you.

If you dissect the addiction, you will find that it is 80% psychological and 20% physiological. You need to switch off your thought currents which constantly feed you with the wrong data, that cigarette smoking gives lots of pleasure and there is beauty in the smoke coils.

Start the day by thinking that you are a non-smoker and you will remain a non-smoker. If your mind takes you to the sweet recollections of the past, tell it firmly that you have severed all relations with the past in relation to smoking.

You have made the firm decision to quit smoking for ever. Stick to it with determination. There is nothing like solid determination for success in life. ?An idle mind is the devil's workshop.? If you have nothing do, your hand reaches for the cigarette packet automatically. Do exercise. Walk on the terrace or in your garden briskly for 10-15 minutes. Become tired! Avoid smoker friends. You have to overcome the initial temptation with your strong will power only. There is no other substitute.

As you feel the strong urge to smoke, drink a glass of water. Even if you have to drink lots of water during the day, it is not going to harm you in any way. At the time of cigarette craving, eat a piece of fruit. You are now getting lots of support from your family members.

And finally, practice yoga and meditation regularly. These are no ordinary tools. Meditation alone has the power to make you smoke- free, but soon you will be a dynamic anti-smoking campaigner. The reformed you, will be the reformer!