How To Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight

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Quitting smoking and gaining weight as a result of it are perhaps the most talked about issues among all the smoking populace. You might have also thought about quitting cigarette many a times in the past but the same fear of weight gain might have held your hand tight and blocked your way.

One of the main hindrances in the quit smoking regime of many is the fear of weight gain. This fear is not a fake one but there are reasons behind it. It is very normal to gain some weight after you quit smoking. But dont let it weaken your determination to stay away from cigarettes.

The point is that have you ever thought as to why do you gain weight when you stop smoking? Well, the following are the reasons for it:

1) Smoking burns calories. In case of heavy smoker, smoking burns up to 200 calories a day.
2) As the calories are burnt, a person's metabolism is boosted slightly.
3) Nicotine is also an appetite suppressant. As such, you will gain weight after quitting.

As cigarettes are appetite suppressants. One of the aftermaths of quitting is that your appetite will increase which will make you acquire some weight. Smokers light up a cigarette when others are snacking between meals. We know that nicotine is a stimulant. It interferes with the release of hormones and other signals that trigger feelings of hunger. As a person quits smoking, it is very natural of him to look for something so that he can fight off the urge to smoke. So, food is used as a replacement to fill the gap arising out of your quitting. But, it is only an emotional comfort and hence women are more susceptible to return to smoking to avoid gaining weight. However, there are some constructive ways of fighting weight gain:

1)?Regular exercise You do not have to go through rigorous exercise. A brisk walk around your neighborhood will do wonders for your health. It will also help you fight the cravings for smoke.

2) Avoid alcohol You should avoid alcohol completely during this period. You should not increase your chances of relapsing by drinking alcohol. This is because alcohol is high in calories and it is an inducement to smoke.

3) Have patience You have to be good to yourself and look forward to doing a thing at a time. You may fail in all the things if you persist on doing many self-improvement projects all at the same time. Just be patient about the fact that you can decrease your weight gradually.

It is a normal thing to gain 5 to 10 pounds in the first few months of quitting smoking. If you follow the above processes, you may stay in track without gaining much of it. All the best!