How to Stop Smoking? Some Steps to Help You Quit Smoking

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Smoking is not just a health hazard but also a threat to life. Hence, smokers should quit smoking as early as possible. For those of you who have not yet tried giving up smoking, but want to do so now, here are some steps that can help you quit smoking.

Step 1- Make up your mind about giving smoking. Unless you do it, you would not be able to place yourself under a quit-smoking regime.

Step 2- Start taking in deep breaths the moment you experience a desire to smoke. Instead of immediately exhaling your breath, try to hold it inside your lung for as long a time as it is physically possible. Try to loosen out any stiff muscle that you feel inside your body.

Step 3- Smoking is a desire that attains a peak and then subsides. It is important that you do not give in to it, when it is at its peak. If you can resist smoking at this stage, then giving up smoking completely would become quite easy for you. Drink water in order to quench your thirst that emerges with a desire to smoke. Water would not only suppress any sensation felt on the tongue and inside the throat but would also flush out nicotine from your body.

Step 4- Join a smoking cessation program. Make it a point to rigorously follow the prescription given to you in the program. These programs can be based on different types of therapies. Pick according to what you are comfortable with. And do take a pledge that you would follow the program as religiously as possible. Though occasional aberrations would be there, you should not treat them as a sign of your inability to quit smoking.

Step 5- Create a support system around you. This can be anything or anybody. Your family members can be the best and the most easily accessible support system that you can get. Friends can fill in their shoes once you step outside your home. If they are proving to be inadequate, locate and join a quit-smoking group. They could be either in your neighbor or could be found online. Discuss your progress and failures with this support system. It would help you keep a check on your progress and any tendency to deviate.

Step 6- Reward yourself suitably if you think you have achieved the objective. Pampering yourself is the best way you can make yourself feel happy. That ways you won't feel low, which is one of the reasons why people smoke.

Step 7- Alter your lifestyle. Make it stress and anxiety free. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, sleep tight and get up on time. Also, try not to bother yourself with almost everything that is there in this world. This would help you not to seek any type of stress relieving substance (which nicotine usually is).