The Keys To Quitting

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Studies have shown that there are certain steps or keys to quitting. Your chances of quitting increase if you follow these steps. Here they are:
Get started
1) Set a quiet date for quitting.
2) Change the ambiance. Get rid of all the cigarettes from your home, car and workplace. Do not let others smoke in your home.
3) Remember your earlier try at quitting and the mistakes that you made.
4) After quitting, do not smoke a single puff.

Get support and encouragement
1) Ask your family and friends to support you when you quit.
2) Tell your colleagues and smoking partner not to smoke around you.
3) Talk to your health care provider.
4) It is better to get as much counseling as you can whether individually, in group or over the telephone.

Follow new behaviors and new skills
1) When you have the urge to smoke, engage yourself in your newly acquired hobbies and skills.
2) Do something positive to reduce stress. You can read a book, go for a walk or listen to music to reduce stress.
3) Drink lot of fluids and water.
4) Plan something interesting to do, everyday.

Have proper medications
1) There are different types of medications available nowadays to help you kick the habit.
2) Do not hesitate to ask the health care provider for advice and follow the instructions.
3) The different medications almost double your chances of quitting.

Be prepared to face different difficult situations
1) Be prepared to give more than one try to quitting. Most of the relapses occur within the first three months of quitting. Try to avoid alcohol in between as it lowers your chances of quitting.
2) Your weight will increase if you quit. But do not let it come in between your determination to quit. You can lose your weight by exercise also.
3)?Bad mood should not become the reason to start the habit once again. There are other means to counter bad mood than smoking.

It may not be possible for you to follow the steps accordingly, any how there is nothing to lose in giving it a try. So go for it. Just ask yourself why you want to quit and why you failed the last time and you will know the answer.