Using Your Will Power To Stop Smoking

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Where there is a will, there is a way. It is just the determination and strong will power which ultimately helps you achieve the toughest of targets. Same is the dictum that you need to follow if you wanna quit smoking. You know that cigarette is a highly addictive drug. But, since Nicotine has become an integral part of your life, the more you try to quit smoking, the more you find yourself drawn towards it. You are trying to dispel something with which you have been associated for so many years. Even the thought of leaving it requires a bulk of determination and will power.

Does your mind keep wondering about your earlier failed attempts? Does the thought of quitting smoking make you weak at knees? You may also think that you are never going to succeed in quitting. But, wait don't loose heart, it is the very problem faced by all other smokers.

Though nicotine addiction is very powerful, still every year thousands of people quit smoking successfully. But how are they able to do something which you always thought was impossible? While there is no magic formula to make the process of quitting easier, there are certain steps which you can take to drive out the commitment you need to kick this habit.

First of all, you have to change your mind, if you want to change your life. Smoking is all about your psychology. You have to change your attitude towards smoking to get rid of it. Until you don't begin to feel good about quitting, you will get nowhere.

Remember, smoking cessation requires a lot of work and will certainly test your will power. You have to be positive and stay focused. Making yourself aware about the benefits of quitting smoking will surely help.

Negative thought about quitting smoke exist in every smoker's subconscious mind. You have to work on your mental condition to create a solid commitment towards quitting. You should make it a habit to take note of your every thought, feelings and comments that you make about smoking and smoking cessation plan.

Take note of the physical effects like headache, tight stomach, and tight chest. Think about the taste and smell that you are missing because of your smoking habit. Just think about the bliss of nature that you have to stay away from due o your bad habit.

Ultimately, it is your will power and determination which will help you lead a smoke free life throughout. So, think and build it up before it's too late.