Ways to Meet Nicotine Cravings

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Many substances, other than nicotine, in cigarette smoke help cause oral or lung cancer, lung damage or diseases, and heart disease. If you are aware of these dangers you would want to give up smoking entirely.

Nicotine causes periodic cravings in the body for it. That is how you get hooked to nicotine and it becomes so difficult to kick off this unhealthy habit. Withdrawal symptoms appear in the body as lack of nicotine hinders the rehabilitation process and knock it off the rails.

But this does not mean that you can stop smoking. You can still beat danger of cancer, lung, and heart disease through cigarette smoking by giving it up completely. The trick is to continue with nicotine addiction in a subdued manner not through cigarette smoke, but through other means.

Here is a list of several ways to help you continue to meet nicotine cravings while entirely ceasing to puff on cigarettes.

Diversion tactics - There are many ways to divert your attention from nicotine. You can use various activities as a ploy to divert your attention and forgo nicotine intake for a greater period than you had earlier imagined.

The trick consists not to resist nicotine addiction entirely, but to reduce its dose and to increase the period between the doses. Of course withdrawal symptoms will prove to be an obstruction in the rehabilitation process.

However, you can gradually increase your body's tolerance to the fact of nicotine withdrawal. You need some diversion activity that is inherently interesting in your specific case.

For some people the driving force in their lives is music. For some it is exercise and for yet others it is a hobby such as painting, solving crosswords or solving other puzzles such as Sudoku.

Some people like to simply talk or plan out things, while some people like to go for long and brisk walks or jogs. Some people like to meditate, whereas others prefer to try out a new recipe that tickles their stomach and taste buds.

Chewing gum is also an option. Some people like basketball to rejuvenate them from the stress in their lives. An activity such as the periodic rearrangement of the house or cleaning of the loft or closet can interest your mind's attention as much as nicotine does.

You can take your own specific route to salvation from the pain due to nicotine withdrawal. The important thing to remember is that the diversionary activity you choose, should inherently suit you and one that is hard to divest your mind from. See, it is by allowing other things to hold as much attention in your mind that you can keep nicotine cravings away for a longer time than earlier.

Another facet of giving up nicotine addiction is to move away from the circle of friends who smoke. By associating more and more with people who hate smoking, you lay out an environment that greatly helps in your rehabilitation from the addiction of nicotine.

Use nicotine in tolerable form - Well, from time to time, nicotine will still rear its head and force you to submit to its demands. On such occasions, you can satisfy your body's hunger for nicotine by using over-the-counter patches, sachets, or tablets containing the addictive drug in small doses. Other ways consist in using nicotine sprays or inhalers or to use drugs such as Bupropione or Verecline.