3 Types of Quit Smoking Cravings

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If you are a smoker, do yourself a favor. Quit smoking! Nicotine affects a person. It not only hurts the smoker but also the people around him. Nicotine makes the smoker its slave where it becomes rather difficult to quit, especially due to the cravings.

There are many smokers who want to quit smoking. Some of them have also tried to quit it for the past one year, but failed miserably for various reasons.

The first and foremost thing a person should know is that it is not impossible to quit smoking, even though it could be tough. In fact, millions of smokers have successfully quit smoking who are happy now. You too, can quit. Just overcome your cravings and be strong.

There are, in general, three types of cravings that make it difficult for a person to quit smoking. It is very important to understand these cravings. When you understand these cravings in a proper manner, your chances to quit smoking become better.

The most common craving that troubles a man immediately after he stops smoking is the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms affect the physique of the person. The reason is that the body cannot adjust without nicotine. This becomes a very uncomfortable time for the affected individual. Many people get relapses because of the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

The affected person feels terrible and fails to concentrate properly. He often experiences headache, depression, and anxiety. He also feels light-headed. He suffers from sleeplessness and his hunger increases tremendously. These problems happen in the first few stages in the process of leaving smoking. Be determined. These withdrawal symptoms will not last forever. The withdrawal symptoms will die a natural death within one to three weeks. After that you will be free.

The other form of cravings comes in the form of habits. The habits could be anything like long conversations on phone, and/or a walk in the terrace or garden. The affected person craves for cigarette in such conditions because of the habit that he has developed over the years. So, it becomes rather difficult to quit keeping these conditions in mind. Fond memories of smoking are other dangerous cravings.