Mass Medicaid: Smoking Cessation Benefit

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Smoking is a powerful addiction and giving it up totally is by no means an easy task. In most of the addiction cases individual effort is not enough. Along with medical aid, expert counseling also proves to be very important for someone who is intent on giving up tobacco use. However, counseling services come at cost. There are some organizations and foundations that provide this service at a reasonable price. Massachusetts Mass Medicaid is one of those foundations helping people give up the habit of smoking.

Distancing oneself from tobacco is not a once-off thing. It requires a huge number of attempts before one can finally bid goodbye to it. People who enrolled in the mass Medicaid program are provided with an array of flexible choices. The providers have designed the service layout plan based on day to day experiences and evidences. The members are given some easy choices from among which they are free to choose the plan that suits them the most. They are made privy to the fundamental medication facilities as well.

The best thing about the mass Medicaid smoking cessation benefit is that the members can avail two three months long treatment sessions a year, without any special authorization. Apart from that, they can have access to 16 one to one counseling sessions within the span of a single year. These sessions may be both individual and group depending on your choice. If you want to have more treatments than this, you will need prior authorizations from the foundation.

You will more than happy at the knowledge that the providers of this service are well qualified. They have to go through intense training before they take up on their specific tasks. Another good thing about this program is that the process of enrollment is quite easy. You can register your name through phone or web services. This saves you a huge amount of time and harassment.

Recently, Masshealth Medicaid has embarked on a plan to target the women smokers. The cause is currently being given full publicity. If you are woman in the 25?49 years age group, you can easily avail this opportunity. This will not cost you much. But, it will ensure that you get the best possible help and counseling in your attempt to quit the habit of smoking.