When All Should People Not Smoke

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Nobody needs to be told about the ill effects of smoking. If you know about them then why are you not able to quit it easily? Nicotine is a very strong addiction which if once holds a person, actually sticks to him. Smoking is the common risk factor for the development of different types of respiratory and heart diseases. It is also the cause of different types of cancers. While smoking affects all the sections of the population and everybody should kick the habit as soon as possible, there are some instances where smoking can be more lethal than others.

Smoking cessation benefits men and women at any age. However the addiction is such that people find it impossible to quit. Still some particular sections of the people should avoid smoking in some particular conditions.

Teenagers and young adults should abstain from smoking as happen to be in their growth stage. Excessive smoking in the teenage years deprives the youth of full growth of their organs. As a consequence of smoking they also expose themselves to different types of diseases in their later years.

Another important section of the population who should not smoke are pregnant women. Women who smoke during pregnancy expose their unborn babies to different types of complications. Their babies may be born dead or underweight.

The next section which should abstain from smoking is that of the old people. It is a misconception among the older folk that smoking is not going to affect them much. But the truth is that they are more prone to suffer from diseases than their younger counterparts. It is because an old man's immune system is weak than an adult man's. By smoking, the older people double their chances of suffering from heart disease and stroke.

Though smoking is harmful for anybody and everybody, the above mentioned sections should not all resort to it. It could prove lethal to you. Remember your smoking habit is a threat to yourself as well as to the people around you.