Social Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

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Smoking is an act that is perceived differently in different segments of the society. It may be a style statement for some while being a stigma for others. It may be a stress buster for some while being a stress inducer for others. The social benefits of quitting smoking are many. Some of them are stated below:

1) The basic benefit is that once you quit smoking, you are not ashamed of smoking anymore. You can hold your head high in social gatherings and nobody would be able to talk about you indiscreetly.

2) Another social benefit of quitting smoking is that your clothes would not stink and you do not need to worry about attending events where you can not smoke.

3) You will be spared from coughing in public and felling sorry about it. You will have more confidence, more stamina, and more endurance.

4) You will be in control and feel proud of yourself.

5) You will have no more guilt about exposing your children, your family and friends to secondhand smoke.

6) Above all, nobody will be able to term you as a hypocrite.

We all are a part of the society we live in. It is very important for all of us to stay in the code of ethics designed by it. If quitting smoking can invite appreciation, approval and appraisal of your personal self then why not quit this bad habit altogether?