What Happens After You Quit Smoking

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Many people are interested in quitting smoking, but what happens after you quit smoking is what people are interested in knowing. Many people are not even able to stick to their decision of stopping smoking. Readout this article and come to know about what happens after you quit smoking. For more information on why people relapse, read Why People Relapse After Quitting?

Once you quit smoking, you will face many problems like headache, cough, irritation, and alike. But, the truth is that all these symptoms are indications that your body has started repairing itself. Just after 20 to 30 minutes of giving up smoking, your body will start feeling better. Your body temperature and blood pressure will come to normal.

After a few hours, the amount of oxygen in our body starts increasing. The most surprising fact is that chances of having heart attack decrease just after 24 hours of your stopping smoking. Cilia starts recovering. Cilia is a protective layer over our respiratory system. After you quit smoke, it starts coming back to normal and helps to cure lungs and decreases infection.

After a few weeks, your lung functions correctly. And after many years, your heart and lungs would work properly and there will be less chance of heart diseases.

Though you will not be able to know that all this recovering is going on your body. So, it is advisable to quit smoking cigarettes and get benefits of quitting smoking. Smoking cessation is very important and you will definitely get benefited from it.