Reduce The Ill Effects Of Smoking With Cigarette Filters

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Giving up smoking isn't easy. Even if you can't give up smoking all together, you can at least cut down on its ill effects, courtesy- cigarette filters. These filters reduce the amount of smoke, tar and other chemicals, which you inhale while smoking. Use them on your cigarettes and you are sure to be smoking on the slightly healthier side.

How do they work?
Cigarette filters are made of cellulose and are covers that can be attached to the tip of the cigarette filter. They contain perforated holes. So, when you smoke a major portion of the cigarette smoke and nicotine gets stuck to the cover. Only a small amount of nicotine is passed through the holes, which is then inhaled by you.

Are they really helpful?
Using cigarette filters has both- its own pros and cons. These filters do reduce the amount of nicotine that you inhale while smoking. So, smoking with filters on is definitely less harmless as compared to smoking without using cigarette filters.

But on the downside, these filters do not really wean you from smoking. Many people do not find smoking too satisfying on using filters. As a result, they tend to smoke more. So, the benefits of using them get relatively minimized.

Nevertheless, use cigarette filters and you will be able to cut down on the harmful effects of smoking to a great extent.

Top picks in smoking filters

One step at a time- This filter comes with a pack of four filters. These filters can also be cleaned and reused for a long period of time which offers you more value for money. You also get a 20 page booklet with this cigarette filter that instructs you about usage and cleaning.

Black leaf premium filter tips-
These filters are perfectly sized so that they can fit your cigarettes well. The last centimetre is perforated at 3mm intervals so you can roll it extra easily.

RAW filters- These filters are made of 100 % cotton and work well. A single pack of RAW filters contains 200 filters. Since the bag is re-sealable, you will not have to worry about storage.

Ronson Disposable Cigarette Filters- Unlike other cigarette filters, Ronson filters retain the taste while removing the tar. Amidst several other filters, these block the maximum tar.

Jilters Filter Tips- With these filter tips you can attach a roach to the end of cigarettes. So, this will make you feel that you are smoking without using a filter.

OCB Slim Filter Tips- Nothing beats these smoking filters in terms of quality. Their super slim nature makes them easy to use.