How To Help Your Teenager Quit Smoking?

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No parents would want their teenager to smoke. Nevertheless, teenagers tend to pick up the habit due to various factors. There is a lot more that parents can do to help their teenagers quit smoking than just worrying and fretting about the situation. Here is the "Four A" strategy developed by the National Cancer Institute that will assist parents in helping their teenagers quit smoking.

There are some teenagers who are more likely to take up smoking as compared to others. This is primarily because these teenagers are exposed to certain factors that can compel them to take up smoking. For instance, if you or others around your child smoke, then he/she is more likely to feel tempted to take up smoking.

Children with poor self image and low self confidence are also more susceptible to developing the habit. Some other factors that may encourage your child to take up smoking include poor academic performance, risk taking behavior, broader exposure to media influences, peer pressure and the like. If your teenager is exposed to one or more of the above mentioned factors then expect your child to take up smoking some day. This will help you deal with the problem better.

If your child has already taken up the habit, then it is important that you start probing into the situation further. Try to ask your child as many things as possible. Ask him how much cigarettes he/she consumes per day or what compels him/her to smoke. Also, try to ascertain if your child is suffering from any kind of withdrawal symptoms or not. This will help you understand your child's smoking pattern in a much better manner.

Knowing the negative effects of smoking may motivate your teenager to give up the habit completely. It is important that you advise your kids on the same. But, make sure that you suggest negative effects that will be of greater relevance to your child. Of course, your teenager knows that smoking may cause lung cancer. But, telling your teenager that smoking may make him look aged, have poor skin, discolored teeth will have a greater impact as teenagers are extremely conscious about the way they look.

It is not so easy to give up smoking and your teenager will not be able to do it alone. You need to assist your teenager if you want him/her to kick the butt. There are a host of things that you can do for this purpose. For instance, you could get your child cigarette substitutes or even medications if the need be. Figure out means to motivate your child to quit smoking. You could even formulate a rewarding system for this purpose.

It is not so difficult to get your teenager to say no to smoking. Just a bit of perseverance and effort is all that you need.