Information on Natural Stop-Smoking Herbs

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Giving up smoking is a battle which requires determination and will power. You are familiar with the weapons in your arsenal. They could be based on NRT, such as gums, patches or pills. This article will talk about some herbs which help you to quit smoking.

Are you familiar with? Nicotine gum? Yes it contains nicotine, which you are already addicted to. There is another herb called? Lobelia which contains a substance called Lobeline, which is very similar to? Nicotine. It is not addicted, can be taken in place of Nicotine, and its usage can be given up at will.
When you stop using Lobelia, you will have overcome your Nicotine addiction and would be a much healthier and happier person.

Do not forget that Lobelia is a very strong herb, and should be used under a doctor?s guidance. Lobelia is available in the form of cigarettes, tea and chewing gum. Select whatever suits you best.

An alternative
?to cigarettes made with Indian tobacco, are cigarettes made from Indian tobacco. Indian tobacco contains no nicotine, but tastes like regular tobacco. As the cigarette contains no poisonous by-products it can be used as an important weapon in your battle for giving up smoking.

There are some herbs which will help you to face the withdrawal symptoms of tobacco. There are other herbs which can clean up your lungs and respiratory tract. Examples of such herbs are colts foot, mullein and horehound.

Mimosa is another useful herb which provides relief from depression, headaches and anxiety.

There are a number of other weapons which you can choose from. If you have made your decision to fight the war, then select from the wide range of herbs available.