Quit Smoking the Aromatic Way

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As the number of smokers is increasing so are the novel ways to quit smoking. There are numerous, interesting methods which are being introduced everyday. One of them is based on the use of Aromatherapy,

Aromatherapy is nothing but a technique where a smoker needs to inhale the aroma of useful extracts of plants and herbs which have been found to contain? substances that can be useful nicotine replacements. One example is the Lobelia plant which contains the substance Lobeline.? Other herbs which have qualities similar to Nicotine and can be useful substitutes are Mullein, Horehound, and Coltsfoot.

Essential oils are extracted from these plants. Smelling these oils helps to stimulate and influence our behavior and emotions. The sense of smell is controlled by the olfactory nerve which has a direct link with the brain and helps to stimulate the need for nicotine. The aroma of these essential oil extracts can be applied onto clothes, bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and all most those areas in which a smoker will come into contact. The aroma will constantly help the smoker suppress the Nicotine craving and cut down on smoking.

The aroma of these oils is non habit forming and can be safely applied on the skin.. This is an easy and interesting method which unlike Nicotine based quit smoking aids, does not have any side effects.? The aromas are available in different fragrances; a smoker can choose any one according to personal preference.

Although these aromas cannot make a smoker quit the addiction overnight,? but they definitely help as the smells provide a feeling of relaxation and calm which helps to cope with withdrawal symptoms. One good thing is that unlike nicotine based substitutes, there is no danger of an alternate addiction. In the final analysis, it all boils down to whether the smoker has the will power and determination to quit smoking.