Stop Smoking Naturally

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You have to reach a particular spot. There are two routes to reach it. One is a long route and takes three times the time required to cover it by the shorter route. But the problem with the shorter route is that there are many ponds and puddles in the route. Many have fallen en-route and broken their limbs. Only a few have crossed it successfully.

Now, the choice is before you. Which route will you select? The method of stop smoking naturally is akin to the long route. It will take some more time, but you will reach safely. You won't break your bones (meaning thereby, you won't suffer the hard side-effects of the modern drugs.)

Nicotine is very powerful. It confronts hardest of the drugs and emerges victorious. The beauty of the natural products is that they weaken the foundation first, before destroying it. One great effect of giving up smoking with the aid of natural products is that you don't have to fear about any side effects.

Nature is all-powerful. If you have created any disease for you by your wrong living, the Nature is kind enough to provide you with proper relief. Don't disobey laws of the Nature repeatedly. You have to suffer the consequences.

The deadly nicotine maintains its direct relations with the brain. The intelligent brain is foxed into believing that nicotine is giving it the ultimate pleasure. The brain demands more and more of this pleasure-giving sensations. You go on smoking more and more cigarettes. In the meantime, nicotine carries out its secret mission of weakening the important parts of your body such as lungs and liver. It has polluted your blood.

To stop smoking naturally is not a possibility, it is the reality. Take garden variety of oats for example. It was successfully used to treat opium withdrawal. By applying the same principle, an alcoholic extract of it in the form of tincture is used for nicotine withdrawal. It has given highly encouraging results.

Another mixture of the herbal tinctures of white-horse hound, mullein, green oats, peppermint, and golden seal, in appropriate quantities, put on the tongue in drops whenever you have the craving to smoke a cigarette gives you good results.

Acupuncture also does the supportive role. Mixture of the prescribed medicated oil is applied to the acupuncture points. This needs to be done by a acupuncture specialist only.

Many such natural herbal kits are available. Natural products also have taken the seat of over the counter medications.

There are herbal aromas, herbal cigarettes, herbal liquids, herbal lozenges and many such products out to help you in your effort to stop smoking .naturally. Over all these products, one thing reigns supreme--Your strong will power!

You may find it difficult to believe, but it is true! If you don't smoke the next cigarette, and resist the temptation to smoke the next to next cigarette, you are on the winning spree. You have already purchased the last cigarette of your lifetime!

So, stop smoking naturally is not a storyline. It's no fiction. It is the reality that you can experience!