Stop Smoking Through Rehabilitation Center

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For most smokers, giving up their vice is probably most challenging then anything else that they have ever done in their life. And inevitably, not every attempt is successful. There is a very real danger of relapsing into the old addiction or simply losing motivation. In such cases, comprehensive support through both medication and counseling is required to help pull the individual through one of life's most trying times and one of the best places to get that is through rehab centers.

Rehab centers are probably the best way to quit the habit since it integrates both modern medical remedies with behavioral therapies, providing support to both- the body as well as the mind by balancing each form of treatment. While the medication helps cultivate physical resistance to the need for nicotine, the counseling works on the psychological aspects which make smokers dependent on their cigarettes. The counseling sessions also helps build up the individual's personal motivation for a faster recovery with less chances of a relapse. Patients are also provided with a list of skills which enables them to resist any further temptation to smoke.

Rehab centers are now cropping up all over the world given their inevitable popularity due to the effectiveness of the treatment. One of the most compelling advantages of seeking the help from a center is simply the personalized attention that is given to each patient. Most rehabs offer several varieties of nicotine addiction treatment methods custom made to suit individual requirements. Precise attention ensures the individual's ability to cope with the situation in a better way. In most cases, rehab centers use the following methods to ensure success.

* Cold turkey method: This method required the patient to quit smoking immediately.
* Chantix pills: These pills are used to soothe withdrawal symptoms generally seen after one quits smoking and also helps reduce the satisfaction levels that one experiences from taking a fag.
* Nicotine fading: The nicotine fading process works by reducing the amount of nicotine in a cigarette gradually.
* Nicotine gum and patch: Both, nicotine gum and patch act as smoking substitutes and work to deliver gradually lowered amounts of nicotine to the body.
* Behavioral therapy: these therapy session concentrate on altering the psychological motivations which trigger the habit in individuals.

Other methods of therapies include nicotine lozenges, inhalers and nasal sprays- all of which are used by rehab centers to aid the process of recovery. Other methods may include hypnosis and acupuncture in some cases, which though controversial, have shown certain results. While most of the above medications and methods are available outside a rehab center, it is undoubtedly, the behavioral therapy which is the biggest draw and helps further accelerate the recovery process.