Know More about How to Stop Smoking with BioResonance

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Bioresonance is the most advanced and high-tech smoking cessation method being used by quitters. Its development and use has been done over the last 25 years. Using ultra sensitive sensors that measure even the tiniest electromagnetic vibration occurring inside the body, this method attempts to address the underlying causes and impacts of the habit of smoking.

How Does It Really Work?
The underlying principle in this method of treatment is the resonating theory. According to it, all live and inert matter vibrates in a designated manner unique only to it and thus creates a resonating pattern inside the body. By filtering out the vibrating frequency of toxins present inside our body, and with the help of phase cancellation technique, these toxins are then taken out of our body.

How Am I Diagnosed?
Diagnosis is the main part of this treatment. Using a very sophisticated machine, the vibration pattern of every substance inside the body is recorded and analyzed. The pattern is then tested for all known toxins produced during smoking. Once they are identified, the treatment gets underway.

The Treatment Method
The treatment method employs yet another example of scientific machinery. This mechanical device is otherwise known as an inversion circuit. It helps the doctor produce a resonating image of the pathological oscillations taking place inside the different living and inert matter inside the body.

The toxins which are to be taken out of the body get coupled with other live as well as inert matter inside the body and attain a stable oscillatory configuration. In this form, it becomes difficult to get rid of them. Hence, the decoupling has to be done mechanically.

When the time comes to treat the patient for his/her smoking habit then a detailed resonating pattern is made. It is then followed by producing a resonating image of those toxins which the doctors want to take out of the body. Pulses of resonance are produced and fed into the body. These then dissolve the bonds attaching the toxins with the surrounding matter. Once they become free, it becomes easy to flush them out of the body.

After the Bioresonance therapy has been performed, there is a need to immediately rid the body of the freed toxins or else they would reattach themselves. This function is performed by the kidney. While it may take a lot of time if the kidneys are allowed to function at their usual pace, the process can be accelerated by drinking a lot of water. The individual should also opt for complete bowel evacuation.

How Does It Help in Cessation Of Smoking?
Bioresonance helps in cessation of smoking by curbing the cravings to light up a cigarette. Such cravings are usually a result of depleting levels of harmful toxins introduced by smoking. These cravings stop completely once the toxins are completely flushed out of the body.