Stop Smoking With Magnets- How Effective Can Magnets Be?

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There have been many aids devised to help people give up on the harmful habit of smoking. Their tendency to succeed have varied from one case to another. Hence, people have still continued with their endeavors to find an effective aid that could help them give up smoking. One amongst the recently introduced innovations are the stop smoking magnets.

Magnets- Are They Safe For The Body?
If you are afraid that magnets can harm you rather than provide you any substantial benefit then you are wrong. The magnets employed in these aids are small bio-magnets which are specially designed keeping in mind the toleration limits of the human body. Hence, they are absolutely safe.

How Does This Aid Work?
The basic principle that helps curb people's tendency to smoke with this aid is that of acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice in which bodily aberrations are rectified with the help of application of pressure on certain points in the body. Since it has worked for a long time, doctors have tried to import its benefits into smoking cessation techniques. In its present form, it is called auricular therapy.

Stop smoking magnets are a pair of small bio-magnets that are placed on strategic points located in the upper part of the ear. The attraction between the magnets applies pressure at these vital points which then helps you give up the bad habit of smoking.

A result of this application of pressure is the secretion of dopamine inside the brain. It is a neurotransmitter whose release creates a sense of pleasure, calmness and satisfaction. Inventors of this aid decided to use the production of this sensation to artificially simulate the satisfaction of smoking. Hence, with the use of these magnets, the desire to light up a cigarette ebbs down slowly but steadily.

Are These Magnets FDA Approved?
Yes, these stop smoking magnets are FDA approved.

How Should I Wear Them?
Since these magnets are a part of auricular therapy, there is a very specific way in which you have to wear them. They are to be placed on the upper part of the left ear (where the pressure point is located).

Won't They Look Bad On Me?
No, they won't look bad on you. The marketers of the product decided to give them a 24 karat gold pleated outer casing. With their help, the ugly looking magnets were concealed in a pretty looking casing. The best part is that now they appear more like a fashion accessory rather than a stop smoking aid. When you wear them nobody won't even know that you are wearing an aid to help you give up smoking.