Switching To Herbal Stop Smoking Ways

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Nicotine is such a powerful agent, it is not going to submit to any type of auto suggestion, or verbal arguments. When over the counter medications fail, any types of reasonings will not have the desired effect, you have another alternative to try?stop smoking herbal products. In any area relating to health, if past experience and experiments are any indications, herbal stop smoking methods are bound to succeed. Another important thing?they don't create any side effects.

The connection of nicotine is directly with the brain. Even your intelligent brain thinks that nicotine is giving it the pleasure, and it accordingly sends you signals for more and more pleasure. You obey the command and light another cigarette. The cycle goes on and more and more pleasure is demanded. You become the cigarette addict. Now, smoking is not your view of life, it is a way of life.

There is nothing that the Nature does not know about you. It knows your strength. It knows about your weakness. It has remedies in store. This traditional herbal knowledge has brought the humanity from the brink of precipice many a times, in many areas. In the area of smoking also it is making significant contributions to make you quit smoking. The garden variety oats is used to treat opium withdrawal. With the application of the same reasoning, an alcoholic extract of the herb, in the form of a tincture is used for nicotine withdrawal. It has provided highly beneficial results.

Another mixture of the herbal tinctures of white-horse hound, mullein, green oats, peppermint, and golden seal, in appropriate quantities, put on the tongue in drops, whenever you have the craving to smoke a cigarette, gives you good results.

Acupuncture also does the supportive role. Mixture of the prescribed medicated oil is applied to the acupuncture points. This needs to be done by a acupuncture specialist only.

Many such natural herbal kits are available. Natural products also have taken the seat of over the counter medications. There are herbal aromas, herbal cigarettes, herbal liquids, herbal lozenges and many such products out to help you in your effort to stop smoking. Over all these products, one thing reigns supreme- Your strong will power to quit smoking for ever!

You may find it difficult to believe?but it is true! If you don't smoke the next cigarette, and resist the temptation to smoke the next to next cigarette, you are on the winning spree. You have already purchased the last cigarette of your lifetime!