10 Best Ways to Quit Smoking

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Taking up the habit of smoking can be an easy task. However, leaving it can be a really difficult one. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to eventually leave it. What is also required is awareness about how smoking can be eventually quit. So here are the top ten ways to quit smoking that will help you get rid of this bad habit quite easily:

Define your goals right at the beginning: Defining your goals before you begin with anything can definitely help you achieve it. The same thing applies to quit smoking. Define your daily, weekly or monthly goals even before you have begun with the program. This would increase your chances of success.

Don't deny that smoking was pleasurable: If you deny that smoking was pleasurable then you are making it difficult for yourself to leave it. Hence, admit to yourself that it was pleasurable but also harmful, which is why you need to give it up.

Take An Oral Substitute: Tobacco smoking can be gradually lessened and eventually curbed by substituting cigarettes with oral substitutes. These substitutes include chewing gums, cinnamon sticks, or artificial cigarettes. Herbal smoking is another alternative which can be tried successfully.

Staying away from coffee, alcohol and sugar: Coffee and alcohol tend to stimulate a desire for cigarettes. Hence, they are to be avoided at all cost. Similarly, high calorie foods force you to opt for cigarette smoking. In their place, eat foods that are low on calorie and high on fiber content.

Drink a lot of water: Smoking leaves a lot of residual material (chiefly nicotine) inside our body. In order to flush it out it is highly imperative to drink a lot of water.

Practicing Pranayama to curb craving for cigarettes: Cigarette cravings can be minimized with the help of yoga poses such as Pranayama. In this pose you breathe in a lungful of air and then slowly exhale it. As you exhale you need to slowly close your eyes and allow your chin to drop to your chest. Do it thrice to see your craving slowly wither away.

Exercise your body:
Apart from yoga poses such as Pranayama, exercising for at least half an hour is also beneficial. This would help you counter the excess stress levels which have built up inside your body. You can choose any exercise regime of any intensity. However, make it a point to do it till you start sweating.

Seek family and friend support: Leaving the habit of smoking requires a lot of will power and encouragement. Usually, having a support system in the form of family and friends come in handy. They would surely help whenever you seem to falter.

Counter withdrawal symptoms: You need to be highly motivated in order to counter withdrawal symptoms, a time when "just one cigarette" craving occasionally emerges. Take all possible type of help in this phase.

Reward yourself: If you think you have attained a predefined goal in your attempt to quit smoking then do not hesitate to indulge yourself. You can choose any means to indulge yourself in.