10 Unusual Tips To Quit Smoking

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Tired of trying to give up smoking? If yes, then here are some unusual tips for you to kick the butt. These slightly out of the box tips will help you bid adieu to the unhealthy habit of smoking in no time at all.

# Tip 1
Say no to 'one more puff'. Most smokers keep on telling themselves that this is just the last puff. However, the puff is never the last one. One single puff and you are glued to the habit again. So, make sure that you never take another puff.

# Tip 2
Instead of trying to give up smoking forever, try to set up more achievable benchmarks. Set challenges that can be easily achieved. Once you are able to measure your success, quitting the habit will be much easier.

# Tip 3
You are likely to go through an emotional turmoil when trying to quit smoking. Typically, your emotions will go through six phases- denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and complacency. Be prepared to deal with each of these emotions.

# Tip 4
When you are smoking you do not feel the urge to eat. But when you give up the habit, you are likely to feel more hungry. Don't think about the calorie intake and eat. It is recommended that you eat several small meals in a day instead of a few big ones.

# Tip 5
Many people depend upon something or the other like a person, product or an activity when trying to give up smoking. Make sure that your dependence on any of these is not too much when trying to kick the butt.

# Tip 6
Even as you are trying to give up the habit, you are bound to encounter certain situations or places where you would come face to face with nicotine. Learn to say no to nicotine in such situations. Also, expect a strong but short period of anxiety after you say no to nicotine.

# Tip 7
Bugged by nicotine cravings, you may be unable to concentrate on things, making your schedules haywire. Expect some kind of time distortion when you are trying to quit. However, make note that no craving lasts for more than three minutes.

# Tip 8
When you stop smoking, the blood serum caffeine level rises immensely. It is for this reason that you should try and cut down on your caffeine intake when trying to kick the butt.

# Tip 9
You may experience weird dreams such as smoke rising up your lungs or other cigarette visualizations when trying to quit. Prepare yourself for such dreams and take them as a symbol of healing of your body rather than get intimidated by them.

# Tip 10
Say no to relapse. You do not have any reason to take just another puff. Keep on telling yourself this each day and quitting will be easier.

Make use of the above mentioned tips and you will not have to struggle any longer to quit smoking.