A Trip To Lonavala Can Be Funded With Stopping Smoking

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You will have to stop smoking, sooner or later, but before it is too late for you. Either you do it with love or for a cost! This was the polite warning that I gave to you in my last article. Now you deserve my compliments, you heeded to it, with a strong will. This vacation is your bonus. You have saved the vacation expenses, at the cost of cigarette coils. What a lovely time you will have, to enjoy a smoke-free vacation along with members of your family!

Now, you yourself are surprised, how the things are taking shape for the better. Each day brings forth to you a new ray of liberation. Gone is that stench of the smoke, which enveloped your drawing room, like thin cloud. The all pervading and all-destroying nicotine! The indirect punishment your family members received, due to passive smoking! Your smoking was injurious to their health!

This time, your company's holiday home will have a special significance for you. Your company had wisely built the holiday home at Lonavala (A hill station at a distance of about 110 kilometers from Mumbai, on Mumbai- Pune Highway). It is such a lovely place, surrounded by vales and hills and you have no right to pollute the area with smoke and by throwing cigarette stubs all around.

You did it last year, and great! That history is not going to repeat this year. And the statistics given by you are really heartwarming. You have saved $ 2000 within a period of one year by quitting smoking. That is the direct benefit. And the astronomical amount you would have paid for the heart by pass surgery within the next few years!

You will reach Lonavala after 24 hours of train journey from New Delhi. Your fellow-passengers (the non-smokers) will be relieved. Your spouse will be proud that she is having the company of her non-smoking husband. She must be planning to do a brisk shopping exercise at Lonavala, out the money that you have saved from quitting smoking.

Travel, vacation and stop smoking- this is a unique combination and happening! Go and thoroughly enjoy the trekking among the hillocks. You used to look like a Satan moving on the mud paths, with burning cigarette in one hand! Now you can move freely and without any anxiety.

You don't pollute Nature; you are a part of the Nature now!